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Of all the reasons I love The Circle, the most powerful is its refreshingly positive atmosphere. Reflected in choice of Players, host Michelle Buteau’s warm banter, and surprises like videos from home, the producers’ commitment to creating a supportive environment stands out to me as a beacon of hope on the shores of competitive reality tv. Even as the five finalists are feeling sad about their last day together, The Circle cheers them up by revealing that the final group chat is nothing less than an in-person soiree.

An avid proponent of positive messaging and empowerment, I am taking this opportunity to celebrate the success of each and every one of the finalists by highlighting what I see as the strengths that helped them navigate the journey to the winners’ table. Between the five finalists, all nine Personalities are represented in Core and/or Bodyguard roles. Every Personality deserves to be recognized for its positive contributions to our lives and to society.

First to arrive at the soiree, Shubham expresses his hope that everyone has been presenting who they really are. Particularly invested in the authenticity of ‘Rebecca’ and Joey, his Core and Bodyguard Personalities unite in processing his shock at Seaburn’s reveal that he was behind ‘Rebecca’s’ profile. While Shubham’s guarded Ideas Changemaker Core maintains a calm exterior, his Ideas Connector Bodyguard quickly assesses and pivots around the new information. All this while his Ideas Explorer Bodyguard re-centers around deeply held spirituality, letting go of disappointment and pain, allowing him to regroup. It is Shubham’s multifaceted responsiveness to reality that facilitates the steep learning curve necessary to launch his upward mobility in the game from a rock bottom, day one rating.

Second to arrive is Seaburn (aka catfish Rebecca) whose Social Explorer Core empowered his surrender to each moment throughout the emotional turbulence of his Circle journey. At the soiree, his two personality Bodyguards (Physical Connector and Social Changemaker) join forces as he shares with Shubham the legitimate mission of helping society reconsider its equating of emotions with weakness. The radical innocence so characteristic of Rebecca’s persona actually reflects the eternally open nature of Seaburn’s Personality Triad. It is an unapologetic heart fusion of his craving for a healed world, his unconditional acceptance of the brokenness, and his desire to provide for each fragment, that reached through his technical catfish status, into the hearts of the other players, keeping him from the Block.

Third to arrive at the Soiree is Sammie. Mirroring her Core Ideas Connector’s enthusiastic engagement with everyone’s thoughts and feelings over the preceding weeks, Sammie greets each of her cohorts at the Soiree with a heartfelt welcome. Throughout the game, a strong Ideas Changemaker Bodyguard Further distinguished her social acuity by earning Sammie respect for a courage of conviction to principles of truth and deeper meaning. All the while, her Physical Explorer Bodyguard called her to embrace the present, anchoring her moments of emotional intimacy with Circle friends in a mind-body connection that inspired loyalty.

After sashaying in as the Fourth soiree guest, Chris quickly notices Seaburn’s unfamiliar face. From the moment he hears that Seaburn is ‘Rebecca,’ Chris continues to convey his relief that ‘Rebecca’ was a catfish. The instinctual attention to detail and common sense radar of Chris’ Physical Connector Personality frame his sensitivity to all manner of inconsistency or anomaly. Not one to rock the boat, Chris’ Physical Connector Core serves as the voice of equilibrium throughout The Circle’s process. Although his Physical Changemaker Bodyguard may not stake a claim in his communication style, it delivers the air of confidence in his bold personal style. Rounding off a simultaneously courteous and accessible disposition, Chris’ Social Explorer Bodyguard instills in him a boundless, comforting empathy that makes other players want to have his back.

Last but certainly not least, Joey strides into the Soiree with a balance of charisma and humility that captures the essence of his path to influence and ultimate victory. Joey’s Social Connector Core Personality prioritizes large scale success, and recognizes the importance of group dynamic in reaching that success. The compassion of his Social Changemaker Bodyguard meets up with the soulfulness of his Ideas Explorer Bodyguard to build a context of empathy and generosity for his Core Personality’s outcome oriented worldview. Together, the elements of his Personality Triad manifest the appeal of a trusted leader.

Dressed to impress, all five Circle finalists meet face-to-face for the first time after their last set of ratings is complete. Although The Circle crowned only one winner, all players shared themselves with us by committing to the game. This is a shout out to everyone involved in creating The Circle for introducing a format that brings out the best in social media by manifesting its potential to empower authentic human connection.

For easy reference, each character story in this series includes an UnConflict Personalities listing which mentions the Core Personalities of The Circle Players discussed to date.

  • Social Explorer (Core Personality of: Miranda, Seaburn)
  • Social Changemaker (Not the Core Personality of any Circle players. However, Miranda, Seaburn and Joey each have this Personality as a Bodyguard,
  • Social Connector (Core Personality of: Joey, Tammy)
  • Ideas Explorer (Core Personality of: Sean)
  • Ideas Changemaker (Core Personality of: Shubham)
  • Ideas Connector (Core Personality of: Sammie, Alex)
  • Physical Explorer (Core Personality of: Alana, Antonio, Bill)
  • Physical Changemaker (Core Personality of: Karyn, Ed)
  • Physical Connector (Core Personality of: Chris)

(Note that the UnConflict Personality system operates in a closed loop configuration where the Physical Connector loops back around to the Social Explorer)

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