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The last two non-OG players to defend their positions in The Circle, Ed and Sean champion opposing versions of what it means to be ‘real.’ For Sean’s Ideas Explorer Personality, the greatest expression of ‘realness’ is vulnerability. For Ed’s Physical Changemaker Personality, the greatest expression of ‘realness’ is confrontation. Ed’s profile character benefits from the Social Connector Personality of his mom (Tammy) whose pragmatic focus on the real meaning of success enables her to diplomatically redirect her son’s intensity.

Although we never observe a direct clash between Sean and Ed, we are privy to how Ed conceals his real reaction to Sean’s photo update by messaging insincere support. His Physical Changemaker Personality perceives beauty as an expression of physical achievement which he defines very literally. His own fixed view of the world makes it difficult for him to imagine that anyone could look at beauty without comparing it to a man-made standard. Consequently, he accuses everyone of lying when they compliment Sean’s plus-sized styling.

The Seans and Eds of the world tend to stay away from one another. However a glimpse of the kind of friction that would likely arise if these two were expected to (for example) work together creates an opportunity to consider how we might move past the impending hostility that could be triggered between these two Personalities. Recognizing that Ed is truly unaware that it is possible to see the world in a non-rigid way allows us to consider that helping him to understand how the other players genuinely see Sean’s beauty could be the first step in a meaningful process.

The subtle dynamics between these two Circle Players hints at the kind of strife that is likely to ensue from tension between these two Core Personalities. Tapping their respective Bodyguard Personalities opens the door for breaking out of default patterns and building a foundation of mutual awareness and respect.

Sean’s Personality Triad is (Bodyguard)Social-Connector/(Core)Ideas-Explorer/(Bodyguard)Ideas-Changemaker. Ed’s Personality Triad is (Bodyguard)Physical-Explorer/(Core)Physical-Changemaker/(Bodyguard)Physical-Connector. The first step in resolving conflict between individuals is determining which Personality from each Personality Triad has a communication style that is most compatible with a Personality from the co-conflicter’s Personality Triad.

In the case of Sean and Ed, the two Connector Personalities (Sean’s Social Connector Bodyguard and Ed’s Physical Connector Bodyguard) share a respect for consensus and sound reasoning. This common ground, however narrow, opens a portal to relationship peace by serving as a starting point for mutually agreeable dialogue that introduces globally informed consensus and a recognition of social constructs.

The next post in this series will discuss Personality highlights from the first face-to-face gathering of The Circle’s five Influencer Finalists.


For easy reference, each character story in this series includes an UnConflict Personalities listing which mentions the Core Personalities of The Circle Players discussed to date.

  • Social Explorer (Core Personality of: Miranda, Seaburn)
  • Social Changemaker (Not the Core Personality of any Circle players. However, Miranda, Seaburn and Joey each have this Personality as a Bodyguard,
  • Social Connector (Core Personality of: Joey, Tammy)
  • Ideas Explorer (Core Personality of: Sean)
  • Ideas Changemaker (Core Personality of: Shubham)
  • Ideas Connector (Core Personality of: Sammie, Alex)
  • Physical Explorer (Core Personality of: Alana, Antonio, Bill)
  • Physical Changemaker (Core Personality of: Karyn, Ed)
  • Physical Connector (Core Personality of: Chris)

(Note that the UnConflict Personality system operates in a closed loop configuration where the Physical Connector loops back around to the Social Explorer)


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