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If ever an exit delivered shock and timeless truth in the same breath, it was Karyn’s shedding of the Mercedeze catfish skin on her power walk out of The Circle. Witnessing her face to face exit visit with Chris left many of us wishing she could re-enter as the real Karyn in all her “not ugly but not feminine” glory. The energy of “Home” her presence in The Circle granted Chris anchors his role as the catalyst for empowering Karyn’s unmasked truth in the hearts of the other players after her video reveal. Visibly contrasting personalities nurtured by the same community and social vision, Karyn and Chris take different approaches in the “fight to show who [they] really are and not what the world perceives [them] to be.”

Possibly the only two players to place each other first in the same ranking, Karyn and Chris share an implicit trust that transcends Karyn’s mission-driven con. The stylistic yin to Chris’ yang, Karyn’s persona in the real world is misjudged as a matter of course. The Circle is her opportunity to influence society’s interpretation of nontraditional gender aesthetics, styles and roles.

Karyn’s Physical Changemaker Core Personality arms her with a fearless mindset, especially with regard to problem-solving and winning. Tackling life head on, she often defaults to a confrontational communication style.  Never the quitter, she stays focused on all means of success, declaring after being Blocked, “I feel accomplished. I did everything I said I was gonna do when I got here. I made a name for myself, and that’s that.” A survivor always, she advances undaunted to pledge her power spirit to Chris’ future in the game.

The nature of the Physical Changemaker Core Personality can underpin a resistance to allowing Bodyguard Personalities to take the lead, in particular when winning is a factor. Although Karyn’s Physical Explorer and Physical Connector Bodyguards may be activated under some circumstances, competing in The Circle is not one of them. Her Physical Explorer Bodyguard is likely to engage when Karyn wants to be fully present in a physical experience; while her Physical Connector Bodyguard may be enlisted by her Physical Changemaker Core in a structured work environment or when sorting out logistics.

Chris’ Physical Connector Core Personality instills in him a profound sensibility around standards and structures, and a passion and talent for framing his space and time with incredible beauty and efficiency. The impeccable presentation he brings to his apartment, his personal grooming and style, even his jungle cake (despite not winning the cake off) all speak to his highly polished Physical Connector Core.

Of his two Bodyguard Personalities, Chris’ Social Explorer Bodyguard is the primary force behind what Shubham describes as Chris’ ability to connect with every single person on The Circle. In contrast, Chris’ consistent pattern of safe communication with the other players indicates a tempered or conditional Physical Changemaker Bodyguard.  This Bodyguard is either generally tempered (not necessarily developed and not readily available); Or, Chris’ Physical Connector Core categorizes The Circle scenario as better served by diplomacy and acceptance than by a competitive mindset. Either way, Chris’ Physical Changemaker Bodyguard is likely only called upon as a last resort.

Letting The Circle in on their respective, personality driven approaches to living what are inevitably culturally demanding identities, Karyn and Chris contribute separately and together to a sustainable ecology in The Circle’s “rainbow pond.”


For easy reference, each character story in this series includes an UnConflict Personalities listing which mentions the Core Personalities of The Circle Players discussed to date.

  • Social Explorer
  • Social Changemaker
  • Social Connector
  • Ideas Explorer
  • Ideas Changemaker (Core Personality of: Shubham)
  • Ideas Connector (Core Personality of: Sammie)
  • Physical Explorer (Core Personality of: Alana, Antonio)
  • Physical Changemaker (Core Personality of: Karyn)
  • Physical Connector (Core Personality of: Chris)

(Note that the UnConflict Personality system operates in a closed loop configuration where the Physical Connector loops back around to the Social Explorer)

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