The Circle From Netflix: Alana & Sammie (Part I)

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I was really looking forward to finding out more about Alana than her modeling photos wanted to reveal.

I was rooting for her when she invited all the women to a group chat on that first day.

And my heart sank when she named the chat group, “the Skinny Queens.”

As the only two self-identified females (not counting catfish) in the original Circle cast, Alana and Sammie are The Circle’s first representation of two women meeting and getting to know one another. Unfortunately, that relationship never makes it past the cliche pitting edgy feminist nymph against lingerie model trope. I think they both deserve better.

If we take a closer look at the real personalities of these two women, we see one woman who defines and prides herself on feminist priorities and convictions, in a virtual face to face with a woman who chooses to use what she’s got to get what she needs, even if it requires suspending her personal feelings and values. As two women with different personalities and life experiences, they have different perspectives and approaches to the game. And each is more than the first impression she makes.

The simplistic version of their relationship might favor Sammie as the mature one. However, it is Alana who is open to a connection with a woman positioned as her rival; while Sammie judges Alana from the get go, and never turns back.

A fair unpacking of the “Skinny Queens” nail in the coffin of Alana’s and Sammie’s relationship would acknowledge that Alana’s careless choice of words was more about her own insecurities than about her presumed judgement and exclusion of others.

As a Physical Explorer Personality (explained further in the next post) Alana experiences life as a flow of present moments, with very minimal energy directed at the past or the future. This means that words do not carry the same weight as they do for Sammie (an Ideas Connector Personality) whose mind weaves an endless tapestry of words, thoughts and feelings from every plane of her existence.

Not only do words hold less significance for Alana’s Physical Explorer Personality, but the pull of the present moment also keeps her focused inward, leaving less attention available to the perceptions of others.

The next post will take a closer look at how Alana’s and Sammie’s differences reflect their real, unapologetic personalities.

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