The Circle from Netflix: Alana and Sammie (Part III)

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The strain between Alana’s and Sammie’s respective Personalities (Physical Explorer and Ideas Connector) is sparked early on, and continues to gain momentum right into Alana’s exit visit.  By the time Alana is named as the first Circle player to be blocked, both women’s defenses and Bodyguard Personalities have been activated by the incessant threat of the next blaring alert siren timed to catch everyone off guard. Understanding the role that Bodyguard Personalities play in human survival makes it easier to remember that as different as someone might seem from us, the most formidable human vulnerabilities are universal.

In the UnConflict Personality system, nine Personalities are arranged in a closed loop where each Personality is positioned between the two that serve as its Bodyguards. Whether a Personality is in the role of Core or Bodyguard can influence how it shows up in the person’s perspectives, motives and actions. So even though Alana and Sammie each have Ideas Connector and Physical Explorer in their Personality triad, the reversed Core/Bodyguard positioning accounts for two very different personal identities.

If we imagine each Personality type as a toolbox, Bodyguard Personalities provide access to additional tools when our goto set feels mismatched to our circumstance and desired outcome. The unlimited number of possible dynamics between Personality types within each Core/Bodyguard triad accounts for infinite individuality among people who share each of the nine Personality types.

Alana’s Core Physical Explorer Personality is flanked by Ideas Connector and Physical Changemaker Bodyguards. When a Physical Explorer’s survival depends on reacting to an unfamiliar and complex social environment (as is Alana’s reality in The Circle), the Ideas Connector Bodyguard becomes active to help process the flood of social cues. If Alana is not in the habit of using her Ideas Connector toolbox, relying on it to manage a situation can feel overwhelming. This triggers a sense of vulnerability which signals the Physical Changemaker Bodyguard to become active and assert dominance in some way (aka ‘mean girl’ words/behavior).

Sammie’s Ideas Connector Personality is guarded by the Ideas Changemaker and Physical Explorer Personalities. When a Core Ideas Connector Personality is in a situation that limits natural flow of communication with the world, the Ideas Changemaker Bodyguard is activated to help direct energy inward and reverse the Ideas Connector’s innate need for an abundance of communication channels. Since the nature of the Ideas Changemaker is to have strong commitment to personal perspectives, priorities and opinions, its activation brings with it the inclination to critique or judge what feels like an opposing worldview (Alana’s emphasis on appearance.) Sammie’s Physical Explorer Bodyguard also acts to help focus her energy inward. However, not directly impacting her relationship with Alana, the Physical Explorer Bodyguard shows up more in acts of self-care like her visit to the rooftop hot tub.

I believe that given the opportunity to truly see one another, Sammie and Alana would surprise us by connecting in a meaningful way. It is that connection that empowers diverse individuals to feel mutual support in a world that looks for ways to build barriers between them.

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