The Circle from Netflix: “So You Think You Have Influence”

I was expecting just another random sensationalist drama keeping us guessing with misleading first impressions, shifting alliances and power meetings. But The Circle surprised me on its thought-provoking journey to the heart of online social influence. In my perpetual pursuit of all things personality, a front row seat to such a skillfully crafted human ‘fishbowl’ was simply irresistible. This series of posts will explore how personalities are revealed through the addictive virtual drama that is The Circle.

The original cast of The Circle series on Netflix is a diverse group of eight individuals in their 20’s and 30’s looking to win $100,000 while reaching master influencer status. Of these eight players introduced in the first episode, six are presenting their true selves; while two are catfish. For the catfish, I will be looking at the personalities behind the masks.

Living in a completely controlled environment, Circle contestants have no live human contact for the duration (with the exception of brief individual visits from blocked/exiting members.) Deciding who to trust, who to keep close, and who to betray is a 24/7 job for all players, more so those with influence. These choices not only reshape relationships, but also offer a valuable look into each player’s personality.

NOTE: POSTS IN THIS SERIES WILL INCLUDE SPOILERS.  If you have not yet watched all twelve episodes of the first season on Netflix, be prepared for Spoilers or consider watching the season before reading on…

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