Communicating with the Social Connector

Large scale success is the holy grail of the Social Connector. Focused on the big picture, she aims to lead her team to success by recognizing where each person and resource can achieve its greatest potential. A natural born leader, she appreciates that ultimate success can ripple out in an ever expanding sphere of influence.

Committed to the big picture, Social Connectors can overlook details that are significant to those on the front lines, losing touch with the very real challenges facing the team members whose loyalty they demand. They sometimes forget that all people are leaders in their own right, and all have complex lives with a full set of challenging roles.

Social Connectors can seem unapproachable. There are some formal contexts where it may simply be unfeasible to have direct communication. But even when the Social Connector you want to reach out to is a friend or family member, it can feel intimidating. It’s important to remember that Social Connectors are efficient and goal-oriented and are most responsive to others who share their pragmatic mindset.

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