Communicating with the Physical Explorer

A Live and Let Live attitude is at the heart of the Physical Explorer’s life. A deep desire to experience each moment to the fullest motivates this personality’s short- and long-term choices. Feeling good in her body is something more than skin deep for the Physical Explorer. It is how she knows she is truly alive and that life itself is worth living.

The Physical Explorer’s body is her point of contact with the world, her portal to reality. So when that portal encounters even the slightest anticipation of pain, shock or breakdown, her entire connection to the world, and everyone in it, is threatened. Although your Physical Explorer friend can seem self absorbed, remember that she wishes as much happiness for you as she does for herself.

To best understand the Physical Explorer, it may help to imagine that his entire body is his Achille’s heel, and that physical discomfort is his Kryptonite. Although the physical aspect of pain may feel the same to him as to anyone else, the discomfort itself threatens his very being, making him vulnerable to the promise of instant relief and the dependance that often follows. It is important to remember that the Physical Explorer needs access to the physical highs of life. And if his body will not offer them naturally, he will find them some other way.

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