Communicating with the Physical Connector

Physical Connectors strive to make things right for the planet. They often take on more than their share of responsibility in a commitment to building a safe, just and compassionate world. They prioritize physical safety, organizing their time and space, finding comfort in regularity and balance. They may be perceived as perfectionists in their continuous effort to fix even the smallest details that are not quite right.

Although the Physical Connector is truly sensitive to the brokenness of the world, she is not usually comfortable showing emotional vulnerability. She feels safer expressing anger and distancing herself than she does sharing her deepest fears. A strong work ethic and focus on solutions can lead to a sense of annoyance at herself and others when expectations and goals are not met.

Your Physical Connector friend, co-worker or family member prides himself on holding to a high standard of fairness and equanimity. So when life has thrown one too many curveballs, and frustration is in the air, finding a way to shift the focus can provide welcome relief. Taking a break from the activity or environment can create an opportunity to regroup and de-escalate the rising stress.

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