Communicating with the Physical Changemaker

To the Physical Changemaker, power is survival and life as a battle to the finish. He understands that confidence builds influence, and sees force as a necessary tool for winning at the game of life. A Physical Changemaker’s agenda can range from defending a heavyweight title to empowering victims of domestic violence. What remains constant is the drive to push through the most challenging obstacles in a quest to achieve their position of strength.

It’s not surprising that this personality type is generally intimidating to be around. Although the Physical Explorer aims to win, she can also respect a worthy rival and appreciate a fair fight. Others may sometimes misconstrue the Physical Changemaker’s ‘invitation to battle’ as antagonistic aggression when it is intended in the spirit of camaraderie and respect.

It can be tough to maintain a relationship (personal or professional) with a Physical Changemaker. While he does not always realize the effect he has on those around him, he can also be resistant to feedback. Although it is easy to get into a confrontation with this personality, it may be more productive to consider what it is that you really want, and how you can be on the same side. Your Physical Changemaker co-worker, relative or friend has as much potential to be a powerful ally as he does be a formidable adversary.

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