Communicating with the Ideas Connector

Ideas Connectors are happiest when their universe feels like an open space where the unfiltered flood of thoughts and feelings that rushes through them will not overwhelm the space or be constrained by it. They thrive in environments where there is an evolving exchange of fresh experiences and perspectives that invite the kind of living connection they seek with their world.

Easily bored, Ideas Connectors have many irons in the fire. Never at risk of oversimplifying a situation, they are more likely to miss a deadline than to make a rash decision. To the Ideas Connector, failing to take every possible option into account is a crime. When the space to consider all sides is taken away, the Ideas Connector may feel pressured into an overwhelming cycle of anxiety and self-judgement.

Opening a peaceful and patient space to this personality’s complex tapestry of thoughts and feelings allows the Ideas Connector to process her inner storm and navigate to emotional safety.

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