Communicating with the Ideas Explorer

A life committed to intense expression of emotional or spiritual truth is the life of an Ideas Explorer. Keenly aware of the relentless and profound pain that fills the world, Ideas Explorers take offense at emotional denial, and seek relationships based on deep emotional trust and vulnerability. From controversial art to exploration of mystical revelations, concepts that make most people uncomfortable appeal greatly to this personality.

The deep sensitivity of the Ideas Explorer keeps him immersed in a level of pain which, left untended, can lead to feelings of isolation and depression often mistakenly dismissed as self-inflicted, self-indulgent wallowing. It’s important to understand that the appearance of self-involvement is, in actuality, an attempt to carry the weight of all the pain in the world.

Trust is the lifeline of the Ideas Explorer. Where trust is lacking, so is the Ideas Explorer’s desire to give and receive in the relationship. Emotional sensitivity and openness pave the road into the Ideas Explorer’s heart where your empathic listening ear and genuine support can nurture a self-healing process.

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