Communicating with a Social Changemaker

Nurturing hope is the hallmark of the Social Changemaker. Your Social Changemaker co-worker, friend or relative makes it a priority to bring hope to those who need it the most. It pains him to see anyone give up on life’s journey. He is likely to seek out and align himself with an organization or movement that shines light into the darkest corners of the world.

When struggling with any kind of self-doubt, Social Changemakers become sensitive to attitudes or behaviors they perceive as selfish. Their global village worldview puts the responsibility of those less fortunate in the hands of those with access and resources. And in moments when they doubt their own ability to deliver hope, their self-doubt can come across as righteous indignation.

Understanding that Social Changemakers have a genuine desire to help others, and helping them to see that their actions do make a difference in the world, can guide the Social Changemaker back to center and dispel the cycle of tension around perceived defensiveness and judgment.

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