‘Bodyguards’ Overview

Beginning with the Social Explorer, the nine personality types follow the sequence: Social Explorer, Social Changemaker, Social Connector, Ideas Explorer, Ideas Changemaker, Ideas Connector, Physical Explorer, Physical Changemaker, and Physical Connector which loops back to start the sequence again.

Around this loop, each personality type serves as a ‘Bodyguard’ to the ones adjacent to it, so that each personality is ultimately an integration of a core supported by two secondary personality types. The influence of Bodyguard Personalities can be circumstantial or pervasive. Circumstancial Bodyguards remain unnoticed until specific circumstances or conditions require them. Pervasive Bodyguards hold a permanent position in the individual’s interaction with the world.

Ultimately the function of our bodyguard personalities is to back up the core personality any time it feels stuck, threatened, overwhelmed, in doubt, insecure, conflicted or at a loss no matter what the cause or reason. As we grow up, our bodyguard personalities develop in response to the needs of our core personality within the context of our environment.

Bodyguard Personalities can vary in the particular aspects they contribute to a person’s identity. It is the variable nature of the interaction between core and Bodyguard Personalities that reflects the fundamental individuality of each human being.

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