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The UnConflict resolution method uses its client-centered, 9-personality framework to understand who you are. This understanding makes it possible to establish a common language for moving past stressful conflicts efficiently and thoroughly.

Each of the nine personalities brings together two basic aspects of human experience. These two components answer the questions, “which sphere of life is the home base of our identity (society, mind, or body)?” and “what experience is our strongest motivator to push past life’s challenges (discovering, making a difference, or healing the chaos)?”

Check out the nine personalities by scrolling through the slider below, hovering to read a personality highlight, and clicking on any box to see that personality’s full page.

Each of these nine personality types is also influenced by its “Body Guards,” the personalities on either side of it. The personalities connect in a closed loop so Physical Connector and Social Explorer are considered adjacent to one another. The specifics of how these Body Guards interact with your core personality are unique to you, making you one of a kind.